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International Students – Personal Account

The personal account is your first contact with a series of products and services designed to help you and your business grow and attain great results.

Benefits for International Students

  • SB card without international transaction fees
  • SB CNPJ enable you to use your credit card when you’ll be traveling back in and out of the country
  • SB Digital Cooperative services enable international students studying in abroad to band together mass international money transfers that get better rates for every cooperative digital banking members
  • SB Cooperative services make sure tuition fees payment goes smooth (International wire transfers have the tendency to eat away at student’s chunk of change as fees between the banks’ fees add up. On top of those fees, students also have to deal with the problem that information may get erased from the payment before it reaches the bursar’s office, which can result in serious tuition holdups).
  • SB Digital Cooperative community help you to avoid paying full-price tuition without doing research. (Members can help you to research your choices wisely and thoroughly — ideally by connecting to our community campus outreach ahead of time to make sure you are getting the value promised on the institution’s website. If you can’t travel before an application is due, we will connect your with SB cooperative digital banking members such as current and former students, and send you all you can read before getting your heart set on one school that won’t turn out to be a nightmare for you.)

Check out the advantages:

  • Complete portfolio of financial solutions, such as digital personal account, credit, investments, cards, consortia, insurance, payment and receiving services, among others
  • Digital channels that streamline your daily life for free and safely
  • Service throughout Europe and Global access to ATMs 24/7