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Digital Cooperative Banking Explained

Our cooperative boasts a solid business strategy, with strong relationships and renowned partners, advanced technology research and development as well as secure infrastructure, audit services, risk control, communication and marketing, customer relations and support, et al. Our processes have been efficiently established in order to allow for expansion in territory and services range.

Sothebank’s purpose is to connect people and support each unique lifestyle, promoting financial convenience, safety and prosperity.

Standing on high values and integrity, we strive to serve with excellence and efficiency, promoting respect and mutual prosperity through an innovative and sustainable cooperative platform.

Sothebank Elite Banking

Upon opening the account, you receive your gateway access to the Cooperative Digital Banking and can now enjoy all the benefits.

  • Agility: make inquiries and financial transactions at any time and place, on your computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Ease: register to conduct and schedule financial transactions. All according to the desired access profile
  • Security: biometric debit card for full control of your domestic and international transaction
  • Flexibility: access all your company’s accounts 24hrs/7